_____tokio_ town_2006_04_bow_____
by ichico

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Jingubashi Crowd just before the Main Gate of Meiji Jingu Shrine.

Jingubashi Sunday Crowd, Harajuku in Tokyo
What can you hear?
What can you see?

Hip Hop Rappppppp...

Harajuku Jingubashi Silver Man, Tokyo
Substitute for that Gray Man?

3-Storied Cute Toys Lots!

Hello Kitty!
The goldfish is real alive!!

You Girls, too! :)

Harajuku Jingubashi Dolly Ojisan, Tokyo
Pic me welcome!

Like Manga Anime really they come up!

Lovely standing pose!

Hi Dolly Girls! ;)

With Black Rose.

Harajuku Jingubashi Dolly Girl Sharlien, Tokyo

Harajuku Jingubashi Dolly Girl Sharlien with me, Tokyo
Ebony & Ivory Peace! ;)

Jingumae Catty Castle, Tokyo
Photo by Kunio Monji - June 4, 2006
On Cat Street from Omotesando to Ura-Harajuku.

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Tokyo Town ichico's Tokyo Town photoset
Introducing you the latest Tokio bow pics,
mainly photo by Kunio Monji.
We do hope you'll feel and enjoy the air here. ;)

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