_____tokio_ town_2006_03_bow_____
by ichico

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Champagne Party!?

He comes back!

He is the greatest!!!

Sanja Matsuri - Asak

Harajuku Rollers, Tokyo
He is the BOSS! ;)

Costume Display Party, like this!

Jingubashi Crowd on Jingubashi Bridge, Harajuku Tokyo
Most of tourits enjoy this WELL-KNOWN event!

Very attractive! ;)

With cute bunny!!

Dolly Boy? & Girl in Jingubashi, Tokyo
Global Peeeeeeace!!!!!!!


Harajuku Hokoten Band, Tokyo
Photo by Kunio Monji - May 28, 2006
Still young, too much energy and crazy lead...

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Tokyo Town ichico's Tokyo Town photoset
Introducing you the latest Tokio bow pics,
mainly photo by Kunio Monji.
We do hope you'll feel and enjoy the air here. ;)

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