eyedia.com is a web media for creative artists.
Great artists join in eyedia.com gallery, ad. and shop pages.
We would like to let you know about our eyedia.com website,
what we are doing at present and on what we will focus in the future etc.
You can see eyedia.com staff here and contact us about business issues.
Feel free to ask us by e-mail!
webmaster - joe / February 2002, Tokio

e-mail:  webmaster@eyedia.com

February 20, 2004: eyedia.com Banner Design Renewal

eyedia.com Link Banners
Special Thanks to The Doll created by Hiina Kayuli
and The Silicone Eyes created by Masterpiece

October 20, 2003: "kuniomonji.com" Design Renewal

May 18, 2003: Include "Kunio's Note" (Japanese) into "Rimbaud"
and Rimbaud Site Design Renewal
May 15, 2003: Opened Password Rimbaud BBS (Japanese)
March 20, 2003: Debut "Satoko's Essay from Paris" (Japanese)
in "Cafe la ciccine" (Japanese)
February 28, 2003: Opened "Cafe la ciccine" Talk Site (Japanese)
February 19, 2003: Site Design Renewal

October 20, 2002: Opened "kuniomonji.com"
and Renamed Kunio's Gallery to "Kunio's Portfolio"
September 2002: Produced Hashihime's Video "Autumn Dolls"
March 3, 2002: Japanese Site Design Renewal
February 1, 2002: Affiliate Program Start
January 1, 2002: Site Design and Contents Renewal
January 1, 2002: Opened "Kunio's Gallery"

December 7, 2001: Held "Les Anges - Poem Reading Performance"
at Minamiaoyama MANDALA, Tokio
December 4 - 9, 2001: Held "Les Anges - Art Exhibition 2001 End"
at Gallery Le Deco 5, Tokio
August 20, 2001: Renewal Opened "eyedia.com Artist Shop"
August 5, 2001: Started English Translation of "Rimbaud"
August 1, 2001: Launched "Broadband Broadcasting"
July 1, 2001: Site Design Renewal
January 1, 2001: Opened "Commission / Kunio"

December 5, 2000: Supported Videography of "Missing Mass" Event produced by Rosa
December 1, 2000: Renewal Opened "eyedia.com SHOP"
October 27, 2000: Moved to a new server with more power and space
October 4, 2000: Opened "Show Case / ichico"
October 3, 2000: Started "Illuminations" by Rimbaud
October 2, 2000: Started "Kunio's Note" (Japanese)
October 1, 2000: Site Design Renewal Opened with Lots of New Photos by Kunio

December 20 - 28, 1999: Held "Laccy Party by eyedia.com 1999", Harajuku Tokio
November 12, 1999: Opened "e-Art!" Site with Tony
November 1, 1999: Opened "fi-doll" Site
November 3, 1999: Supported Videography of "Kowaku Shojo Kaitai" Event presented by emu
October 1999: Held "fi-doll" 2nd Show at Cafe Vasy, Harajuku Tokio
Sept. 1 - Oct. 13, 1999: Held "fi-doll" 1st Show at Aoyama K1-Doll, Kyoto
March 1999: Renewal Opened including Japanese Version Pages
January 1999: Held "fi-doll" 1st Show at Cafe Vasy, Harajuku Tokio

May 1998: Held Another Internet Show on "eyedia.com"
of "Posterity of LILITH" by Yamamoto Jin
February 1998: Official Opened Internet Gallery "eyedia.com"
February 1998: Held "eyedia.com" Show at C'est Rare, Harajuku Tokio
October 1997: Launched "eyedia.com" Test Site
September 1997: Registered "eyedia.com" Domain

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