_____tokio_ town_2006_07_bow_____
by ichico

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Street Food Shops along side of Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

The Love Rocks Tour Concert by Dream Comes True!

People gather for an event at Yoyogi Olympic Stadium, Tokyo

People to Yoyogi Olympic Stadium, Tokyo

But some other bulk people march toward another direction.
People to where?

People watch! Yes, just watch watch watch them.

Foli Foli Party!

People look! Just look! Look! Look! Look!

Never quit, girls!

Girls everyone love Maria-samaaaaa!


Maria-----! :)

Again ready!?

Let's go head-banggggging!!

Pray Pray Pray for ... ;)

Let's go pray!

Maria is so hot!
But Diet Coke - Must!

Colorfullll fruitieee sweetieee!

Maria's Guerilla Live at Harajuku Jingubashi, Tokyo
Photo by Kunio Monji - June 25, 2006

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Tokyo Town ichico's Tokyo Town photoset
Introducing you the latest Tokio bow pics,
mainly photo by Kunio Monji.
We do hope you'll feel and enjoy the air here. ;)

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