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So cool! ;)

So fun!

Let's do it together!!

Sudden Swimming!? in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo
Photo by Kunio Monji - July 30, 2006
It's hot Sunday!

Good catcher dog! Bow! Got it! Wow!!

Fast runner dog in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo
Photo by Kunio Monji - July 17, 2006
Really healthy, he is!

Winking! ;)

ryokka (i spell as ryocca for him, though)" means "tree-planting".
Because he always waits for us and other jog people next to the Stone Monument for Japan Tree-Planging Campaign!!!

There are lots greens in Yoyogi Park where is so so wide (but very wide for Tokyo area).
Tokyo Olympic Games was held in 1964 and the accomodation facilities for players from abroad were constructed here.
After the games, this wide green area became as Yoyogi Park.
Ryokka (Mintgreen) House was the memorial for the players from Holland.
Next to this house, we can see a small garden full of various plants which each countries players brought also as a memorial. ;)

But ryocca seems to want Kunio take some shots!!

Okay, he's back! ;)

He tries to come toward us but no! no! rainy!

ryocca House!? in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo
Photo by Kunio Monji - July 18, 2006
A little rainy early morning stretch.
He lives with the crows?

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