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eyedia.com opens the contents on net gratuitously for the present
for the spread and the development of art on Internet
with their cooperation and understanding of the artists
participating from every country to eyedia.com.

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Individual downloading the contents of eyedia.com site as pictures, translated text etc.
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Only you or your family are permitted to use.
You are not permitted to use at companies or educational facilities etc.
and even though it is for non-commercial purpose, it would be a legal issue.

--- Quotation ---
Japanese legal "Quotation" is the partial use of the article
for report, review, research and others and
the purpose must be within the proper range and
you must specify the resource and the quotation on your article.
It is essential that "quote" side should be "main" and
"be quoted" side should be "secondary" generally.
Above requirements must be satisfied as "Quotation" under Copyright Law.

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eyedia.com and the provider are not responsible for any losses
you receive through the information, contents etc. on eyedia.com site.

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Link to eyedia.com site is free in principle.
However, your prior notice would be appreciated.
For the banners, please download the picture on the top or the bottom of this page.
Link must be to the top page of eyedia.com, though,
based on your contents concept, direct links to the other pages are welcomed.

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Special Thanks to The Doll created by Hiina Kayuli
and The Silicone Eyes created by Masterpiece

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eyedia.com does not divulge the source of individual user information;
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that are provided voluntary through form mail or purchase order etc.
to any third parties for sale or alienation etc. purpose.

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please contact to the following.

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