Sculptor (Sacramento, USA)
Joining in Gallery "Life Size Sculpture"

December 20 - 28, 1999: Participated in "Laccy Party by 1999", Harajuku Tokio
November 12, 1999: Opened "e-Art!" Site with ichico


Tony's Profile is Here!

Digital Artist (Hamburg, Germany)
Joining in Gallery "visual poetry" and

Siggi creates not only digital things but also poem and music etc. for children.


Siggi got TORAY Winner of the Excellence Award 2001

Siggi's Profile is Here!

Digital Artist (San Francisco, USA)
Joining in Gallery "Digital Autopsy" and

December 4 - 9, 2001: Participated in "Les Anges - Art Exhibition 2001 End", Tokio
March 1999: Visited Tokio to see Japanese modern art


Munakata Satoshi
Folklore Photographer
Joining in Gallery "Oni / Ogre"

Born in Tokyo on June 28th, 1947
Member of Japan Photographers Society

- Theme -
Japanese Ogres and Japanese Traditional Entertainment
Old Japanese Warehouse in Kawagoe City
Japanische Romantische Straße

"Soul of Ogres" Munakata Satoshi Photo Gallery

Iwaki Hideo
Videographer (Ibaraki)
Joining in BBB - BroadBandBroadcasting

1929: Born in Tokyo
Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University and Tokyo University
Researched and Taught Plant Ecology and Environment Science for 40 years

ECOLOGY Keynote on sale (Japanese only, sorry)
Published by Springer-Verlag Tokyo

Starting Video Creation after retirement
Creating many of videos regarding nature and ecology in Africa, Borneo and Alaska etc.
also interested in folk entertainment and festival
2001: Won a Press Prize at Ibaraki Visual Art Festival
December 7, 2001: Videography Support "Les Anges - Poem Reading Performance"

Photographer (Tokio)
Joining in Gallery "MELT"

1949: Born in Kamakura, Kanagawa
Graduated from Waseda University
1974: Studied Photography under Yokosuka Noriaki
Assisted Photography for Shiseido and Parco etc.
1988: Established Nagasaka Office
1993: Coop-established Photo Factory Co., Ltd.
1996: Started Digital Photography
February 1998: Participated in Internet Gallery ""
and "" Show at C'est Rate, Harajuku Tokio
December 20 - 28, 1999: Participated in "Laccy Party by 1999", Harajuku Tokio
December 7, 2001: Still Photography Support "Les Anges - Poem Reading Performance"

Ide Hironori
Photographer (Nagano)
Joining in Gallery "The Great Dancers"

December 20 - 28, 1999: Participated in "Laccy Party by 1999", Harajuku Tokio

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